Data Backup

Data backup

The most advanced backup software in the industry

At Automated Systems, we take your data seriously. We provide robust and comprehensive protection against ransomware with our in-depth retention policies. Basically, that means that we manage your backup system that is backed up in three different inaccessible locations: our servers here in Columbia and two remote sites. We also retain modified and deleted data for a minimum of 30 days but can modify that for an extended period based on your specific needs. Why? 

Sometimes a virus can infiltrate your system and remain undetected for a period of days. If this happens, we have multiple points to restore and recover data from prior to the security event. This means there is little chance of clients losing all their data. 

In the event of an extensive cyber breach, we assist with disaster recovery to ensure business continuity. We’re there with you helping minimize any downtime that might occur because of a major incident.

Items we back up: